Sunday, March 1, 2015

March is not roaring like a all.

Ben bought a snow blower for all this snow that we were supposed to have here...but this is the extent of our snow.  And it usually melts off by early morning.  
It hasn't stopped us from digging. This is my little trench to capture the rain water so I can water the garden.  We will put some corrugated pipe in and cover it with wood chips. 
I've started my seeds in a little baking rack.  I wasn't selling baked goods out of it anymore and it works great as a little greenhouse. 
I'm not at all sure of the dates I SHOULD be starting seeds for this zone..but I am doing it anyway. At the South Ogden house I would prep the beds March 1st and pull out the plastics, cover the beds, warm them up, and plant by march 15th...sort of. 
They have already started coming up.  
I guess I need to order some frost cloth so I can be ready when they need to be planted out. 
 I found this pencil sharpener at an antique shop.  I grew up with one in the garage..and now I have one in the garage for my kids to use.  It is funny how the little things make this house feel more and more like home. 
 We've had some cousin time. 
Lily cut her bangs....again.  
And she found a we did not get a cat.  She was So cute with it though.  
Max and Joe being silly finishing homework late at night because they are due the next day.  I hope this is not a pattern that lasts their entire school years. 
And that is all for this past week or so.  
Happy March 1st. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Not much to report

I am trying to do a weekly post, but there really isn't that much going on around here that is interesting.  Just school, making valentines, making puppets for the school puppet show, laundry, boxes, sweeping, cleaning.  I will have to take a picture of the puppets.  I had to make one for Max, so of course the other two needed one. The weather has been unbelievably warm. So, if the ground is not frozen...then let's get out there and dig.  
This is my rock.  It marks the corner of the soon to be (within the next 5 years) shed/shop. 
This is the start to the kitchen garden.  The walking paths are the low points and will be filled with bark chips.  The paths will act as little troughs and catch water.  The bark will act as a sponge and keep the water from evaporating.  The water then feeds the raised bed portion and the need to water (hopefully) is less. 
Little Lily butterfly sleeping by the fire.
Ben took the boys on a little hike. 

I am sad about not having snow to play in, but I am quite happy to get out in the yard, and so are the kids.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Dream Yard Plan - Permaculture Style

Thank you Google Earth for providing me with this land shot.  I think I am off about 4' on the lines, but I couldn't read numbers on the little plot print out very well.
Taking into considerations shadows, wind, sun, and children, this is my sort of design.
I don't have Zone 4 & 5 marked, because I really don't have that area. 
Zone 1: Area you manage aggressively
A - kitchen herb garden.  Easy to access from either the front or side door. Lots of traffic, weed often, herb spiral? Vegetables and salad greens which have short growing seasons.  Teas and herbs for       culinary use.
B - rectangle garden is my largest annual and (needy) perennial garden.  Largest spot on property with great southern exposure.  Implement hugelkulture and mandala patterned beds.
C - Greenhouse cold frame area. Annuals and (needy) perennials.  Some sort of greenhouse or raised beds with hoop covers. 
D &E -  keeping tidy for visitors.  E is on the walk to the mailbox and D is in full sun. 
Zone 1 usually employs a complete mulching system. Such as sheet mulch and fully irrigated with a drip     system. Zone 1 is an intensive system, it is a human ecology, that does not exist in Nature and would fall apart without human attention.

Zone 2: Area you manage often.
F - Both areas that border largest  Zone 1 garden area.  They do not need much maintenance.  Perennials and vegetables which have long growing seasons.
G - Compost bins/ work farms

Zone 3: Area you manage rarely
H - Apple orchard.
I - Future spot for bees
J - Grape vines
K - Currants & Gooseberries
 L  - Raspberries
M  - Blackberries
Zone 3 employs green mulching which is an under-planting of ground cover.  Not all plants have water to them.

Zone 4: Area you manage very rarely
N - Future food forest, sick of mowing this area
0 - This is a small timber harvest plot, southern exposure
Zone 4 is part wild/part managed.  Collecting wild foods, timber production and pasture for grazing animals.

Zone 5: This area you never manage
P - Walking through the woods or fields.  Disturb as little as possible.

Now....onto moving the rock bed that consists of our entire yard.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Night Adventures

Ben had to work, but I wasn't going to let an opportunity like this pass by. Poppy invited all of us to go to the Environmental Center and cross country ski.  The center was amazing.  I have never been out there.  They had a case of bones that included a bear skull, mouse bodies and a real human skull.  Joe went nuts.  He loves bones.  Max went crazy telling the instructor guy all his fun animal facts.

Once we pulled the boys away from the case of bones and off the climbing wall we got them outside.  My sister Carrie and her daughter Kaity were able to make it too.  Poppy and Joe hung out and took the slow trails.  Max and Kaity left us in the dust.

The boys were so surprised how much light the moon put out.  The could see with out any flashlights.
I think we need to get them out more night.

Lily stayed with grams and did puzzles.
The boys were asleep before I left the center to go and get lily from Gram's house. I had to carry them into the house, fully clothed in their snow stuff.  I piled them on the couch while I grabbed their sleeping bags and laid the bags on my floor. I was not going to attempt carrying them down the stairs. I pulled off their gloves and boots, snow pants hats and all and got them into the bags. They were so tired, they didn't wake once.

What a fun night!